Winter - WIP
Johan ernstsson ground 01

WIP - Creating some different groundmaterial.

Johan ernstsson highresscreenshot00002

WIP - Trying out some vista trees.

Johan ernstsson winter test


This is a project in its early stage. Still a Work In Progress.
This is one of my planned project for this second half of the year! I want to focus on big environments and create moody scenes.

When I do this project I will not try to create everything from scratch here, for example, the mountains, I am using alpha brushes from brushify, this allows me to fast sculpt up an environment.

The sky will be a mix of several HDRI skies batches in photoshop.

The spruces are the free ones from SpeedTree.

For now, the only thing I will do from scratch here will be the house and the bridge in the background.